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I began running like most people, to get away from my parents!  I also ran track in school.  My formative years were spent in the Midwest and due to circumstances beyond my control, I was enrolled in the local martial arts school where I trained for some time.

After graduating from school, I joined the United States Marine Corps and learned first hand how handy those skills truly were!  We…ran…EVERYWHERE!  There was no training, no practice other than to strap on your “Go Fasters” and a pair of “Silkies” and run 3miles in 18:00 to get 100 points for the run.  What was the standard you ask?  The answer was always the same, “Exceeding the standard IS the standard!”  Incidentally, the minimum was 27:40. This was also the first time I ever heard the term shin splints and it wreaked havoc our the platoon!  And like most, I quickly came to dislike running.


Chapter I:

Fast forward to civilian life in Texas, and there were likely two scenarios for running:  A) A warm up to a work out, or 2) You were being chased!  My martial arts training advanced and I gained an understanding of body mechanics that I had never experienced before.  Struggling with some running challenges, a friend in class recommended the book, Born To Run, and so I found some peace in short runs to clear my head.  And so it began…


Chapter II:

As happens with many people, a promotion took me to another state.  Arizona to be exact!  A new location meant new opportunities, adventures, and people!  One day, someone on my team told me about all the places he and his wife hike and how challenging it had been for him until she bought him a book called ChiWalking.  He offered to lend it to me.  I said it sounded interesting but I politely declined as I was more of a ‘”gym guy”, but thanks anyway!  Later, I began dating a girl who would re-introduce me to running.  She asked if I would like to run a half with her.  “Sure!”  I said, while quickly googling to see what a “Half” was.  Too late to back out now!  Like many, I experienced some challenges with soreness and cramping when running, so she suggested we take a class together with her running coach.  Running coach?  Is there such a thing?  Unfortunately, we broke up before the training or the race began, but I found myself running for therapy.  And fortunately, I remembered the coach’s name.  Master Instructor Lisa Pozzoni!!  A name so cool you have to say the whole thing!  I took her ChiRunning class and ran my first official 5k in November of 2016!  I took 2:38 off my best time and PR’d by focusing on my form!  The following February, I ran my first Half Marathon, injury free, and in December, MY FIRST 50k!  I was hooked and so began my love affair with ChiRunning!


Chapter III:

Referral, referral, referral…I was so convinced with ChiRunning that I recommended everyone I ran with to take the Workshop !  I even qualified for a refresher and after joining the running club with Master Instructor Lisa Pozzoni (see how cool that sounds??) She recommended I get certified to teach.  Well, by now you know how the story ends:)

I’m so happy to be part of such an awesome team whose sole focus is teaching people how to run efficiently and injury free!  I can’t wait to meet you and provide the tools you can use for a lifetime of running, celebrate your successes, and create awesome memories!!!

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